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Mark & Lachance has helped the hearing impaired find solutions to their hearing loss since 1952. Patients referred to Mark & Lachance by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctors and audiologists throughout greater Montréal have received the highest performing hearing solutions for almost three generations. We offer many different models of hearing aids to suit your needs. Each visit to our clinic will be a pleasant experience, due to our friendly, respectful and professional staff.

Are you having problems following conversations in noisy environments (examples: in restaurants, family reunions, meetings)? Those problems are possibly signs or symptoms of hearing loss. "Hearing loss"? A hearing problem? What is "hearing loss"? Can a hearing device help?

A hearing test administered by an audiologist will indicate whether a hearing problem exists. If a hearing loss situation is present, our hearing aid acousticians can help you. With your audiogram, you will be able to meet with one of our professionals. At your very first appointment, our acoustician will work with you to determine exactly what correction you need and you will be able to experiment amplification through hearing devices.

The cost of certain hearing aids could be paid by certain organizations - RAMQ, CSST, Veterans Affairs. Some private insurance plans cover hearing aids.

We offer an in-house repair service with a dedicated hearing aid acoustician - no appointment is required. In most cases, if your hearing aid can't be repaired by our professional, it will be returned to the manufacturer to be repaired, and we may be to loan you a replacement.

Our reputation is based on our exceptional and professional service.

Minor Repairs and Verification

An evaluation is required by a hearing care professional to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patients needs.

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