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Signs of hearing loss among adults

If you answered «always or «sometimes» to several questions you should consult a professional.
Do you have to ask people to repeat what they are saying during a conversation in quiet places?
Is your family complaining that the volume of your television is too loud?
When you are on the phone, do you have difficulty to understand?
Do you have difficulties to understand people on a cell phone?
When you are in a group, around a table, do you find it difficult to follow the conversations?
During a meeting, do you feel you have to make more of an effort to understand everything?
When you are at the restaurant (or any other noisy environments), do you understand the conversations?
Do you find it difficult to understand speech during a conference or in a place of worship?
Do you feel anxious when you need to hear an important conversation?
It is a problem for you to listen to music at home or at a concert?
Do you have difficulty to understand conversations in the car?
Do you have the impression that people are talking softer than before?
Do you have difficulty hearing the phone or the doorbell ring?

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