Your first visit with us


During your first appointment with your hearing care professional:

  • We will go over your audiogram results with you.

  • You will experience hearing amplification.

  • We will discuss available hearing aid options and help you select the most suitable device based on your particular situation and needs.

  • We will use a specially designed foam to make your earmold impressions, which serve to ensure the hearing devices we order are carefully tailored to your needs.

  • We will schedule a second appointment for when your hearing devices will be available for pick-up (about two weeks later).

  • We will then do necessary adjustments to personalize your hearing devices and will explain the functions and maintenance needed for you to have a pleasing hearing experience.

  • You should expect about one (1) hour for each appointment.

  • For their first experience patients normally prefer to be accompanied.

Please note that all patients in the care of Mark & Lachance enjoy a one-month adaptation period, beginning with the day you receive your hearing devices.

Minor Repairs and Verification

An evaluation is required by a hearing care professional to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patients needs.

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