Two ears are better than one!

Advantages of fitting both ears with hearing aids:

  • Better sound quality (high definition)

  • Improved listening experience in noisy environments, as the brain relies on signals from both ears to effectively distinguish between speech and noise.

  • Also ensures better hearing in group situations, as you will be able to clearly identify the location of any sound sources.

  • Ensures both ears actively help maintain your ability to distinguish sounds and thereby improve your listening experience.

  • Improved hearing helps preserve your energy levels for longer periods in your day.

  • Improved comfort, as patients can hear at relatively low amplification levels.

  • Long-term preservation of hearing.

  • Our brains are designed to capture sound with both ears.

  • Enhanced ability to identify sounds, letters and words.

  • Improved balance of hearing, as patients needn’t turn their head to ensure they can hear.

  • Improved ability to locate the source of sounds and speech.

  • Greater range of hearing.

In a nutshell, our brains are designed to rely on both ears in equal measure!

Two ears are better than one!

Try this brief simulation exercise:

  • Remove the listening plug from one of your ears.

  • Wait for 2 minutes before placing the listening plug back in your ear, restoring the sound flow into both ears.

You have just experienced the difference between listening to music with one or two hearing aids. Now imagine just how significant the difference is in talking situations!

Minor Repairs and Verification

An evaluation is required by a Hearing care professional to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patients needs.

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