How to obtain hearing aids

1. Consult your family doctor or visit our clinic

Your doctor will perform an otoscopy, meaning he or she will look into your ears and assess your cerumen (earwax) and check for any infections. If your doctor identifies any signs of hearing loss, you will need him/her to give you a referral to see an ENT (Ear-nose and-throat specialist).

You may also visit our clinic. We can perform a screening test to assess your hearing. There is a charge for this service.

2. Go to see an ENT (Ear-nose-and-throat specialist)

The treating ENT will provide you with:

  • a medical certificate confirming your diagnosis.

  • a referral to have an audiogram (hearing test) performed by a certified audiologist.

Please note that there are two options for getting an audiogram.

  • Audiogram performed in a hospital and covered by RAMQ (medicare)

  • Audiogram performed in a private clinic (charges apply)

3. Audiogram

  • Once you have scheduled your audiogram appointment, please call us at MARK & LACHANCE to book an appointment: (514) 931-4555.

  • We will schedule you in to see one of our hearing care professional within a few days after your audiogram appointment

Please note that the institution carrying out your audiogram can fax the results which are produced in the form of a diagram: 514-931-8012. Otherwise you will have to bring along a copy on the day of your appointment with us.

* In the case of children, we recommend that audiograms be scheduled at a hospital to help ensure proper monitoring and follow-up.

Minor Repairs and Verification

An evaluation is required by a hearing care professional to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patients needs.

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