Batteries and accessories

Batteries Pile appareil auditif Sizes 10, 312, 13 and 675 are available in packs of 4 or 8.
Size 675 batteries are available in packs of 4 or 6.
Some manufacturers offer rechargeable batteries.
Ask us about current battery promotions.
Battery tester Verification de pile Allows you to check battery charge levels.
Dehumidifier Deshumidificateur Removes excess moisture from in-ear and behind-the-ear hearing devices.
Prevents various damaging effects to your hearing device, such as functional disruptions, malfunctions, and rust.
Air pump Removes moisture from earmold tube interiors.
Cleaning spray Hearing aid cleaner and disinfectant for daily use.
Anti-itch cream Reduces itching in the external auditory canal. Soothes irritations and inflammations in the ear.
Cleaning tools Allow for the removal of excess cerumen (earwax) and other residual substances at the tip of the earpiece.
Prevents cerumen (earwax) and other residual substance build-up from damaging the earpiece.
Lubricant gel Makes it easier to insert the hearing device into (and remove it from) the ear canal.
Ensures improved hearing aid comfort.
Option to rent
or buy a personal amplifier system

*Available for rent (please contact our customer service).
This system amplifies sounds at close range.
It can serve as a temporary measure for a hearing-impaired person unable to collect his/her hearing device at the clinic, or in cases when the hearing aid is damaged.
While not specifically designed to compensate for hearing loss, its volume control can adjust to different levels of sound intensity.

Minor Repairs and Verification

An evaluation is required by a hearing care professional to determine if the hearing aid is suitable for the patients needs.

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